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Besides various phospholipids that may function as liposome builders, Lipoid’s product offering contains ready-for-use liposomes. These are effective delivery systems for pharmaceutical and cosmetic actives.


Our Products
  • Phospholipids as Liposome Builders
  • Liposomes
  • Liposomes Containing Skin Lipids
Our Brands
  • LIPOID Liposome
  • LIPOID Cerasome


Further Information

In aqueous systems phospholipids form vesicles consisting of one or multiple phospholipid membranes (liposomes) with inner aqueous areas. Due to their structure liposomes can incorporate and transport substances poorly soluble in water as well as hydrophilic substances. Liposomes offer versatile applications as delivery systems of highly active drug substances and actives in pharmaceutical and in cosmetic products.

For cosmetics, liposomes are available in the form of empty liposomes or loaded with active ingredients.
Special liposome products consisting of stratum corneum lipids are offered.

Liposome Builders

Phospholipids for the production of liposomes are either high-purity natural or hydrogenated or synthetic phosphatidylcholines. Liposomes for use in innovative Drug Delivery Systems often contain charged phospholipids e.g. phosphatidylglycerol, phosphatidic acid or phosphatidylethanolamine. The addition of pegylated phospholipids gives liposomes unique steric properties.