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About us

Lipoid was the first to offer a wide variety of phospholipids for use in the production of drug products.

These products, including their specifications and testing methods, have been developed by Lipoid for manufacture on our large scale industrial production plants.
We have investigated the possible applications in the pharmaceutical area as well as in the production of cosmetics and dietetics.

Many pharmaceutical companies could develop their drug products using our raw materials.

In general, Lipoid offers all types of lecithin and phospholipids suitable for various applications on an industrial scale.

We supply natural, hydrogenated and synthetic phospholipids. However, for various reasons we prefer to use natural resources.
All products are developed and manufactured under strict cGMP conditions on an industrial scale.

Today worldwide we are:

  • the leading manufacturer of lecithin fractions and phospholipids of plant origin
  • the leading manufacturer of specialised egg lecithin fractions and phospholipids
  • the leading manufacturer of hydrogenated lecithin fractions and phospholipids
  • one of the leading manufacturers of synthetic phospholipids

The majority of approved drugs containing phospholipids are prepared using raw materials from Lipoid.

For the future we will continue to develop high-value and innovative substances, systems, and applications for the benefit of the general public